• The aim of our curriculum is to consolidate the language through a variety of exercises incorporating all four skills. Specific exercises and activities methodically reinforce students' understanding and mastery of each item.
  • Vocabulary is introduced in a functional and meaningful context, and is practised through a variety of exercises such as a picture word association and completing set phrases in order students to use everyday language correctly. There are also dialogues presenting useful expressions and practice in real-life communication skills which fully activate the language taught.
  • Listening helps students to develop their listening skills through a variety of tasks many of them multi-sensory, so that students practice all four skills to reinforce their understanding of the language taught.
  • Grammar is taught with detailed theory and practice. First it is presented in context, then highlighted and clarified further with detailed explanations.
  • Writing contains samples of each kind of writing both formal and informal for the students to assess. The step-by-step approach taken enables students to develop and apply the right processes when dealing with a topic.
    Speaking provides exercises on vocabulary likely to be useful in general terms and advice on the best approaches to answering questions. It also involves discussion and dialogues.
  • Test taking familiarizes students with the format of the test they will encounter in the exam itself. It offers them insight into the way various types of questions work and let them practise the techniques that they need to apply in order to tackle each of them successfully.