• GLOSSOMATHIA is a dynamic, innovative Language School whose courses lead the way with their trend-setting application of the most up to-date methodology for the teaching of foreign languages.
  • At GLOSSOMATHIA we are well aware that teaching foreign languages is a demanding task. For this reason all our classes are taught by experienced teachers with a view to providing methods that are based on and designed for the realities of the contemporary classroom.
  • There is constant professional development through participation in talks on broader educational topics and developments, as well as seminars and workshops that are held throughout Greece.
  • GLOSSOMATHIA looks to the future, not merely by anticipating new trends and approaches, but also by embracing original ideas and innovative methodology.
  • Fully stocked library with a wide selection of magazines, books, cassettes and CDs in the five languages which are taught.
    Field trips throughout Greece and abroad.
    Songs, sketches and cultural events.